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Suspension 10 NT+ is a unique suspension fluid containing wear resistant additives to allow suspension performance to deliver at maximum potential. Also minimises damping force variation over a large temperature range as well as providing a smoother ride. The Millers Oils range of motorsport suspension fluids incorporates second generation NANODRIVE low friction technology for an extremely smooth suspension operation.
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Manufacturer Millers Oil


  • The Suspension NT+ range has been designed to enhance the latest suspension systems. Tested by various racing teams has proved that the Suspension NT+ when put to the test, delivers every time. Our superior temperature stability provides an answer for one of the biggest challenges in competitive motorsport.


  • Second generation NANODRIVE technology gives extremely smooth suspension operation
  • Superior temperature stability minimises damping force variation for a consistently smooth ride
  • High level performance across air, nitrogen and argon filled systems
  • Available in a range of viscosities for fine tuning of suspension characteristics to suit driver preference