Brembo’s Gran Turismo offers the most complete range of upgrade braking systems on the market.

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) Systems provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic as well as superior performance when driving on the track. Whether you are looking to improve your car’s appearance or enhance the ability of the braking system, Brembo Upgrade has a solution.

Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, these systems offer an authentic race-ready look as well as superior braking capabilities.

Brembo Upgrade GT performance braking kits will be available to order via the website shortly. If you would like to place an order today, please contact the Bremsen Technik Motorsport team via the ‘Contact Us’ page to find out further information and delivery timescales.

Brembo Upgrade GT Caliper Range

Below you can see the full range of calipers in the Brembo Upgrade GT portfolio. Each Brembo system is engineered to offer the perfect solution and meet the needs and requirements of every type of driver.

Brembo Upgrade GT A

Straight derived from the most popular OE Brembo application the 2 pieces GT|A calipers combine easy installation and great performance.

Brembo Upgrade GT M

Monobloc calipers that are specifically designed to offer high level performance both in normal road use as well as for the demanding days on the track, with a
unique style given by Brembo's exclusive geometries and design.

Brembo Upgrade GT BM

The latest expression of style and technology. BM calipers possess an all new design and aesthetic and further expand the technical capabilities of the Brembo GT Upgrade range.

Brembo Upgrade GT BM8

8-piston monobloc for big sedans, SUVs and trucks, suitable for rotors up to 420mm x 40mm (16.5” x 1.6”). One of the largest calipers manufactured by Brembo, the B-M8 required more than one thousand design hours, which included on-vehicle testing and casting technology development.

Brembo Upgrade GT BM6

6-piston monobloc for high performance sedans and coupes, suitable for rotors up to 410mm x 36mm (16.1” x 1.4”). This caliper has been designed for a wide range of front brake system applications. Its design is optimized for use with wide annulus discs and brake pads, for use with both iron discs and Brembo’s advanced CCM-R carbon-ceramic material.

Brembo Upgrade GT BM4

4-piston monobloc for front and rear axle applications, suitable for rotors up to 380mm x 30mm (14.96” x 1.2”). Common with the other calipers in the BM range, it features a radial mount design with integral bridges, a single bleed screw, and internal fluid passages.

Brembo Upgrade GT S

The race inspired Brembo calipers are perfect for the club racer or weekend track day enthusiast that wants to take that next step in braking. Hard anodized body, with racing-style piston radiators and recessed dust seals, provide the best combination of performance and long-lasting track use. Finished with the racing-style Brembo logo, engraved in red, as seen on all of the company’s competition products.

Brembo Upgrade GT BM6

The ultimate caliper level in the Brembo GT range. Caliper bodies machined from billet aluminium with a nickel finish taken directly from Formula 1 and NASCAR racing calipers. Also featuring racing-style piston radiators and recessed dust seals, as on the GT|S line. These calipers are built to stand up to the most demanding performance conditions, while displaying a completely unique style.